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A watchmaker by profession but passionate about birds since the age of 8, it all started when his parents took him to see a bird of prey show in the south of France. Since that day he fell in love with these animals and developed his interest in all species. He tries to travel as much as possible to discover and learn more and more about these magnificent animals and this superb nature that surrounds us.
Former head of the youth group of the ornithological and natural sciences group of Morges (GOS), he also participates in the bird ringing project at the Col de Jaman as well as in the Swiss Avifauna Commission (CAvS).

Over time, Mathieu quickly wanted to bring back memories of his observations. Little by little, he started taking pictures with digiscoping. But he quickly wanted to move on to higher quality with reflexes. His first camera was a Canon EOS 30D with a Canon EF-L 100-400mm lens. 


The images were made with:


  • Canon EOS 5D IV

  • Canon EOS 1D IV

  • Canon EOS 1D X

  • Canon EOS-R5

Goals :

  • Canon EF L 300mm f2.8 III

  • Canon EF L 500mm f4

  • Canon EF L 100mm f2.8

  • Canon TC 1.4x III

  • Canon TC 2x III


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